• How does Melu work?

    Melu is a managed live chat service. This means we provide the live chat software for your website and manage it for you.

    You don't have to learn how to use the software, as we manage your visitor chats on your behalf.

    We do all of this for a simple monthly fee.

  • What hours do Melu operate?

    We operate 24/7 with our team of UK-based native English speaking operators.

    If you only need daytime hours, we can also operate 5 to 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm.

  • How quickly do your operators respond?

    We guarantee to respond to all chat requests via your website within 30 seconds. Once a chat session is started, we respond to each request from your visitors instantly, which varies in time depending on the complexity of the response.

    We guarantee that we'll never miss a chat session on your website.

  • Do you invite my website visitors to chat?

    Yes we do, but only if you're happy for us to.

    We have found that the number of chat sessions and leads increases when we invite visitors on your website to chat.

    If you would rather we only react to chat requests from visitors and not send out invites, we can do that.

  • How do I get Melu onto my website?

    Melu works by having two lines of code added to all of the pages on your website.

    Depending on your level of skill it is something you could do yourself, but if you're not sure, we can do it for you so long as we have access to your website.

    If you have someone who looks after your website for you, we can send them the code so they can do it on your behalf.

    We've created a simple install guide here. It also explains how to use our plugin for WordPress.

  • How do your operators know how to handle my visitors?

    When you sign-up, we create the first version of your FAQs document based on information we find on your website. The FAQs document starts with a script that tells our operators what to ask your visitors, and how to pre-qualify them before they can be a lead.

    The FAQs document also lists the most common questions you're asked regarding your business, products or services. The answer for each question is what our operators use when chatting with your visitors.

    The FAQs document is a cloud document, so you can update it at any time through a standard web browser. The longer you are with us, the better to document becomes, as we add more questions to it as they're asked via your website. All you need to do is add the answers!

    FAQs are also super useful for making sure our operators know about your opening times during holidays or other occasions.

  • What do you need from me to start a trial?

    The on-boarding process for Melu is very simple. We ask you a few questions about who should receive the leads that we send and have access to your client portal. We also find out more about your business and whether you will only accept leads from a certain geographic area or location.

    When your account is ready, we send you an email with a link to your FAQs document and the code for your website.

    Once you've reviewed your FAQs you can add the code to your website and start using our managed live chat service!

  • Is Melu GDPR compliant?

    Yes - Melu is registered with ICO (registration number ZA456272) and our service is GDPR compliant in the UK and Europe.

    For more information, please read our GDPR statement

  • How does Melu work in terms of cookies?

    Cookies are used via our chat widget on your website to allow us to track visitors and check whether a visitor is new or returning. No personal data is collected when people visit your website.

    Only when a visitor starts a chat session and agrees to our terms and conditions can we start collecting data on your behalf.

  • How much does Melu cost?

    Melu starts at just £155 + vat per month. This allows you to receive up to 50 chats per month. Bespoke pricing is offered if you receive more than 50 chats a month.

  • How does Melu charge me each month?

    At the end of your trial, you'll be a sent an email invitation to set-up an automatic payment via GoCardless.

    Payment is automatically taken each month thereafter, but only if we raise an invoice. You are able to cancel your account at anytime by simply cancelling your GoCardless mandate online.

  • Will I receive a VAT invoice?

    Yes - once your payment plan is set-up, you'll be invoiced automatically each month 7 days before your next payment is due.

  • What is a lead?

    A lead is a chat session via your website with a visitor who gives us three important pieces of information:

    Their requirements. Their name. Their best form of contact (usually phone or email address).

    Once we have this information, it is passed to you via email and client portal so you can get in touch and close the deal!

  • What is a chat?

    A chat is an interaction between a visitor on your website and us via live chat.

    Sometimes visitors use live chat to ask a question or query. If we can answer this for them, that may be all they need, so in this case we don't collect their requirements, name and contact details.

    Regardless of which pricing plan you are on, you can receive unlimited chats per month.

  • Can I track my leads and statistics?

    Yes - as soon as you start your free trial you're given access to our client portal.

    Once you've securely logged in, you can see all the leads that we've generated for you via live chat, as well as chat sessions that didn't end up being leads.

    You can also view reports, which show number of visits, popular times of day and other important metrics.

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